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The art of Raku was
refined in Japan
nearly five centuries
ago. The simple
surface design of
Raku typifies the
subtle aesthetics
which are usually
associated with the art
of Japan. The word
Raku means
Happiness and
Contentment." In
pottery, Raku refers
to the firing process, 
which is very
spontaneous, and
renders a unique
surface design. 
The glazed piece is
fired to a temperature
of approximately 1850
degrees. The piece is
removed from the kiln
while red hot. The hot
object is immediately
submerged into a
container of naturally
combustible material 
such as paper,
sawdust or leaves. 
The material burns
due to the immense
heat of the pottery. 
By placing the lid on
the container, a
reduction chamber is
created. Reduction
will create a thick
black smoke which
will blacken any
unglazed surface, or
will react with some
glazes and create the
multitude of colors
unique to the Raku


Shipping and handling within the continental USA is included in all prices. We ship and insure all of your items via UPS ground service. Each piece will be paper wrapped, encased in bubble wrap and foam peanut packed in double boxes to help ensure a safe delivery. 

We offer our two standard fountains in varied size ranges, and guarantee gallery quality. We will be adding other custom fountains, hand-built pieces and vases as they become available. Please visit this site often to see what's new in our studio. 

Our two standard fountains represent the American Raku process of firing at it's finest. We have captured a lushness of glaze and intensity of reduction (brilliant colors) you will not see in most other Raku work. Our crackle glaze is very dramatic, and only achieved through years of patient practice. 


The life of your pot depends greatly on the conditions under which it is kept. NEVER put water in any Raku container; it will seep and blemish the surface color. We seal our fountains so they can hold water. Never put a Raku piece outside, as it will oxidize and the coppers and other metallic colors will turn brown or green. Always keep Raku out of direct sunlight. Dust all Raku with a dry, lint-free rag or a feather duster. 


Always use distilled water. City water, spring water and reverse osmosis water have trace minerals and salts that will eventually leave a mineral build-up in the saucer and destroy the appearance of your fountain. The fountains have been sealed against water damage and leakage. You may add decorative rocks to your fountain, but rinse them first. Beach rocks should not be used unless soaked to remove the salt.  To introduce your pet to your fountain, place the fountain down on their level until they are accustomed to the sound. These fountains are very soothing in their sound and elegant in their appearance. 


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