White Crackle Petroglyph Fountains

The rims of these fountains are ringed with a dozen petroglyphs that are commonly found in the Four-Corners Area of the southwest desert. They include: Kokopelli (flute player), deer, mountain sheep, Shaman medicine men, trail
markers, and a few that are not yet deciphered. 

All designs are penciled by hand. No stencils are used. Therefore, each piece is an original creation, as no two will be exactly alike. 

This is the only one of our fountains that we can customize specifically for you. If you have petroglyph designs in your home already, or petroglyph designs from a favorite book, we can incorporate those in the design of your custom fountain. To customize your fountain, we will require two extra weeks before shipping, and there will be an additional charge of US$10 per design.

Range of heights: 12 to 15 inches 
Range of saucer diameters: 14 to 16 inches 
Price: US$15 per inch of saucer diameter


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